turktools.net - turktools.net

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transportationcamp.org - transportationcamp.org


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Steve Landey - Home

steveasleep.com - steveasleep.com

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Stephan Sokolow

ssokolow.com - ssokolow.com

Student and Geek For Hire. Stephan likes Linux, Python, and git with an emphasis on human-computer interaction and user-interface design.

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Shubo's Notes

shubo.io - shubo.io


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...and makes software | Seshbot Programs

seshbot.com - seshbot.com

For a more in-depth rundown on covariance and contravariance explained in terms of category theory have a look at Thomas Patricek’s blog …

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pxrgo.com - pxrgo.com


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Prion Alliance

prionalliance.org - prionalliance.org

Prion Alliance is a 501(c)(3) non-profit devoted to funding research towards a treatment or cure for human prion disease.

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Sergey Pisarenko

pisarenko.net - pisarenko.net

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Parsl: Parallel Scripting in Python

parsl-project.org - parsl-project.org

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OpenRocket Simulator

openrocket.info - openrocket.info

OpenRocket is a free, fully featured model rocket simulator that allows you to design and simulate your rockets before actually building and flying them.

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FPV range calculator

maxmyrange.com - maxmyrange.com

The definitive FPV range calculator. Calculate how far your FPV setup will go!

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Marco Marandiz

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benschau · benschau

benschau.com - benschau.com

site where i talk about stuff

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Online Portfolio by Kelson Maua

kelsonm.com - kelsonm.com

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Joey Palko

joeypalko.com - joeypalko.com

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My Webpages | blai30.github.io

bhlai.com - bhlai.com

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amirahimprom.com - amirahimprom.com

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David Taylor

davidtaylor.codes - davidtaylor.codes

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